We are excited to share the Standing Bowl in new colorways and a new material this spring.



The architecturally inspired planer legs elevate the Standing Bowls to float just above the surface of a table.  Intended for use as a fruit bowl, the Large Standing Bowl makes for a great center piece on any table, while the Small Standing Bowl is a multi-functional catchall for anywhere in the home.


Overhead lined up.jpg

The four new colorways Sienna, Sage, Cream and Alpine, are inspired by nature, bringing the beauty of the outdoors in.  The new powder coated colors feature a uniform matte finish with a subtle texture that catches light beautifully making them more striking than ever.

For more info, shop our Large Standing Bowl and Small Standing Bowl.

Large Brass.resized.jpg

Similar to the Copper Standing Bowl, the new Brass Standing Bowl quickly becomes the focal point of any room. Both metals now feature fully mirror polished interiors making every surface of the bowl polished to perfection.  All metals are left unfinished to develop a natural patina over time or maintain shine through polishing.

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